2006 = Muy Bien

I am so bored. Nada to do. Dead. Everyone else at my work is going plum crazy. But unfortunately, I did my part and now I'm bored. I wish I could help with the graphics/web stuff. But I'm so inept.

I was looking through this blog throughout the months of 2006 yesterday. Hard to believe what a year it's been. Mike and I started out the year with a hope of finally lifting our home to put in a basement. January through April was nothing but permit apps, futile calls to contractors, and conservation commission woes.

The lift finally began in April and we moved out to Mike's parents house. By June, the house was down on its new foundation and by July 4th - we were moved back in.

In August I hatched the plan for a backyard wedding September 9th and we worked feverously to make it happen. In the same month, we also refinanced the mortgage and equity loan. On 9/9, everything went off without a hitch.

So here we are, 3/4 through the year and still going strong. I am going to make some goals here. With all 'yalls as witnesses.

Goal #1 : Hook up the following: Hot water tank/furnace/heating system/2nd heating zone. (That all counts as one.)
Goal #2: Bathroom Bathroom Bathroom

I think that'll keep me busy through Jan.