Trogdor - the old oil burninator

Have I told you all the story of our old oil tank? Well, if not, we turn it into a firepit with a hinged lid and handle. (We just put the hinges and the handle on last night, which made me think of it.)

Anyway, we decided to name it Trogdor, since the old feet kinda look like eyes and the opening kinda looks like a mouth. I have to say, it's pretty cool. All it needs is some paint.


Jamaila said...

Ooooh! Pictures? Did you need to clean it out or anything? We have an old oil tank sitting menacingly under our front porch from when they re-did the radiators lo these many years ago. We were planning on just pitching it in whatever semilegal way possible, but how fun would it be to turn it into a firepit? Do the marshmallows come out oil-flavored?

Anonymous said...

was teh tank inside your house? What did you use to cut the thing in half?

kitrainia said...

We cut the tank in half with a Sazzall - it really does saw all - with some metal cutting blades. There was a lot of sludge at the bottom of the thing - all that yucky stuff in the oil that floats down and ends up gross at the bottom. We cut a gallon milk jug into a scoop to get all that grossness out. Unfortunately it's still sitting in buckets in the garage because it's hard to dispose of. The final cleaning step is, unfortunately, just to burn out the remaining oil - and that is a big huge smelly fire. So, if you don't have nice neighbors, I wouldn't recommend it. This is the step we're at - we lit it for a while, but then extinguished the huge flames just to keep it under control. We're going to add some wood to it to try and get a cleaner burn. After than, marshmallow city baby! If the mashmallows taste funny - I'd recommend continuing to burn before eating more.

Allison said...

That's awesome!! We have one in a little room under the front porch in the basement. I want to saw a big hole in it and build a wine rack in it - like our very own wine cellar.