Counter Point

If you are shopping countertops - and not expensive custom granite or stone or butcher blocktop - the el cheapo laminate from your local massive home improvement chain restaurant - which, by the way, I'm not knocking! I get a lot of comments on mine - good ones!

Ok - that was the point, here's the counter point. DO NOT, let me repeat myself for speed readers who may have missed that, DO NOT BUY 90% OF YOUR COUNTERTOP AND THEN WAIT 5 OR 6 MONTHS TO BUY THE REMAINING 10%.

Yes, I admit. This seems like a simple point. But waaay back in the day - and if you go back and look at my posts - there's one about the joy of getting that first 90% of countertop somewheres in there - I was really happy to get that first 90% of countertop. Previously I had just plopped my cutting board across the cabinets - that little 2 ft area was my only space! I nearly cried when the counters went on.

But, we didn't buy enough for the back right corner of the room. So for temp, we just plopped on a peice of plywood and called it a redneck butcher block. Well, money waxed and waned and other big projects needed to take priority as the months went on. You know how it is.

But throughout this 5 or 6 months, a little voice inside my head said "countertop countertop" or "it's only a 4ft section" or "it's only going to be like, $30" over and over.

So last night that little voice got big as Mike and I pulled into home depot for more grass seed and fertilizer. But when we got to the kitchen section - there were NO small sections of that color. Mystic Night or something like that. In fact, there was only one Mystic Night left - a super long 10ft peice.

Immediately I thought to myself - what if it's discontinued. Mike thought the same thing, so we grabbed the sku off the thing and went to customer service to find out what the deal was. Well, turns out that the sku wasn't coming up in the computer - it might be discontinued! So the clerk checked some other Home depots, made some phone calls. No luck on a small peice.

I finally said, "You know what, for the price it would take me in gas to drive all the way to east bumbledom (not a MA town by the way, but it should be) looking for a 4ft section, I could just buy the 10ft here."

And so, we did. Which isn't horrible, because we'll have some extra if need for it ever arises. But I spent $70 more than I needed to, which is annoying to say the least.

So, the lesson here is - a countertop in the hand is worth 2 in East Bumbledom. And at least five in Center Bumbledomport. Don't wait. Buy it all at the same time.

And if anyone else has this pattern and needs about 6ft worth... well - let me know.