The question all girls want to know...

A little OT here - but does ANYONE know that song? It's an oldie and it goes "the question all girls want to know... is there enough room to make love in a spaceship..." That's all I know of it and my friend Becci and I have been trying to track it down for YEARS.

Anyhoo - the real question all yous out there probably have been asking - now that the basement is done and the wedding is over - What's next on the house to-do list?

Well! I've been screaming BATHROOM! BATHROOM! Which, has led Mike to think I have some sort of disorder. But seriously, he reminded me that we have yet to put in the basement windows and finish getting our new oil tank hooked up to a not-bought-yet new furnace and hot water tank. We've got to get our good friend and heating man Hal on that ASAP. (Hourihan Oil - best oil there is, look 'em up if you're in the south-eastern MA area.)

And I have to admit - what is a beautiful bathroom without enough hot water for a nice soak in a jacuzzi tub? Or a long long shower after a cold and unloving day?

So, hopefully, we can get on those windows this weekend. Because next weekend we'll be up in NH for some R&R. Not a honeymoon, but it will be fun to get away.