The moment

It arrived. The moment every weekend warrior dreads and awaits with sweaty anticipation from renovation day one.


This is when you get to find out if it was all worth while (monetarily speaking, that is). Are they going to notice the meticulous care you took designing your home, putting in your electrical sockets, and sanding your drywall? Are they not going to notice what you haven't gotten around to fixing yet. Are they going to care that several massive projects are still in the unfinished phasse?

We have soon to find out.

I have to admit, I jumped off a cliff and locked in a refinace rate - looking to accomplish several things, most of all consolodate and lower my monthly so I can finish these durn renovations. Plus rates are going up, home values are going down. And I'm trying to slip my hat under the door before it slams shut.

I spoke with Madame Appraiser this morning. She was available a las lunch time. Knowing my insanity would prevail if I procrastinated our appointment - leading me in a futile effort to tidy the house and finish projects that can't be finished - I aggreed to meet her at the house at 1pm.

She seemed sweet. We walked around the house. She didn't pick and poke at everything, which was good in some ways, bad in others. She took some pictures - I hope they represent a good cross section of each room and not an undone crappy one. She took some notes. I tried to tell her about at least the updates she couldn't see - phone, cable, internet redone and in every room for one - new windows. She didn't let on any hints as to how everything was looking.

Within 20 minutes it was over with and I was on my way back to work - numbers swirling around in my head. What if it comes out to $400,000? What if it's only $240,000? Will it reach my ideal of $320,000 or at least $300,000 as I tried to predict it would be? I can't dwell on it. I just hope they're kind enough to get me into the loan I want.