Rock On

We tackled the rock wall this weekend. Would you believe after all my research, we just ended up slapping rocks against the dirt? Yes, I know it's not the right way to do it - but I was running out of time fast. And, I must admit - it looks decent. Kind of rustic. I'll get some creeping flowers that grow over the rocks and I think it'll look great.

Plus, we put down the pea stone, which looks fabulous next to the rock wall. I really need to get you guys some pictures.

On Sunday, we also went to the dump and got rid of all the old plumbing that had to be removed when the house went up. We also had some scrap metal, a tire, and some misc other stuff that went. Then we put our trash bin back next to the house where it belongs. (It too had been moved for the lifting process.)

This week my goal is to finish up the very end of the rock wall and get the forms all set for Mike's 12X12 garage addition. I want that poured by weeks end.

Also, we're hoping to get the garage electrified. The wiring is expensive, since Mike needs 220 - or whatever it is - from the house to the garage (a good 75 freakin' feet). But I need mad plugs for our upcoming backyard evening wedding. You know, for lighting and music purposes. Lucky the garage is already wired for plugs 'n stuff. We just need to hook it and go.