Smooooth Operator

This morning Nick Mitchell and Dusty arrived bright and early and dug right in... literally. 15 minutes after they had arrived, Dusty had already taken 1/4 of our giant dirt hill and put it in the front yard.

You see, the goal of today is to properly grade the entire yard - at lease around the house. We're hoping Dusty will use as much of our leftover dirt as possible, while still keeping the level of the yard looking natural and flowy.... you know, no more weird hills and vallies.

Goal number dos is to get rid of all our excess concrete. If you remember, previously we had a small basement space where our boiler and oil tank were - this was made of concrete. So, of course, all of that was demo-ed and put in a pile in the backyard. Plus all the fieldstones that used to be holding the house up were cemented together too - so all of that is in the same pile, plus some misc. concrete. And so Nick is bringing in huge dump trucks to get it all out of there at $40 a ton. Resonable, I guess. I just have to have it gone.

I can't wait to see it tonight!