The incredible Change

I totally forgot to snag a pic for all you housebloggers out there who wanted to see the finished result. Oh my god. I pulled into my driveway last night after work and nearly died.

It looks FREAKIN AWESOME... oh, excuse me, I need some New England flair here to properly describe it... WICKED AWESOME! Ok, that's better.

All the concrete is gone. The front yard, side yard, other side yard, and back yard are flat and B-utiful. Plus, the slope is such that water and other nastiness will flow away from the house and garage instead of towards it.

I can't even describe how excellent it is. You guys would die. The before & after is unbelievable. Plus, over 1/2 the big 'ol dirt pile is gone. Maybe we can sneak the rest out back without those damn Andersons raising hell.

And the price on sod isn't that horrific. Sod for the front and side plus loam would be $2000. The back, probably another $1500. That's not earth shattering, really. I'm thinking I may do just the back for this upcoming wedding event. I have to figure out how I can swing it though. It'll take some financial manuvering, for sure.

I'll get back to you on that.