Zero Days of Baby

Well - day zero hath arrived. I'm still feeling normal. Still doin my normal thang. My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow, so I suppose I may have a better idea of the plan going forward after that.

I've been telling friends that I'd like to give birth on Cinco de Mayo. That way we could call it Cinco de Mike-O and all celebrate with Coronas. They all think that's just a hoot.

Anyway, in celebration of the due date, here are the final final pics of the room. You'll see I put up the banner from my shower along with some pictures, a mirror, and a couple lamps.

Oh, and pay no mind to the little box of drywall screws next to the crib. I promise we'll move those soon.


Kristy said...

Glad to see that you are doing well, love the final pics of the room and had to laugh at your comment about the box of screws.

This is certainly typical for a DIY family. Congrats!!