Negative 4 Days of Baby

I hate to report - there's nothing new to report. No baby. It's been 4 days since my due date and we're still waiting.

My last day of work was the 30th, and after just a few stuck-on-the-couch rainy days, I'm fed up and uncomfortable.

Mike brought home a stump grinder on Saturday and finally took care of a few of our biggest tree stumps. (Never let Nstar touch your trees. They promised us that all stumps would be ground 2" below soil level... and they weren't ground at all. That was about two years ago.)

Sunday we returned the stump grinder and picked up the overseeder and some cape cod grass seed. (For sandy soil.) Mike overseeded the lawn on Sunday afternoon, just in time for the evening's showers. And with showers all week, it should come in nicely. Plus, today we picked up some loam and Mike spread it on our major trouble spots, where grass has never grown. Hopefully this will guarantee an awesome lawn.

And me? I'm just watching him work from out the windows. Ho-hum.

Later this afternoon, we'll probably put up the closet shelves in the baby's room and the upstairs office closet - which has been awaiting a shelf for years. (I really need the storage space now!) If there's time, I'd love to have Mike throw a coat of stain on the baby's room window bottoms and another coat of paint on a toy box we're refurbishing. No big hurry though. The yard work has just been kicking his butt. And it doesn't help that I'm out of commission.