You all remember my closetmaid problem right?


Well, just about a week ago, I got my chance to vent when closetmaid asked me to fill out a survey about my recent customer service inquiry. (You know, that customer service inquiry I never received a reply to?) So of course I railed them in the survey - told them I was completely dissatisfied and that my issue had never been addressed, nevermind resolved.

About five minutes ago I received the following email:

Dear Jessica,
Thank you for your kind comments on our products and service. As you may know, so few people take the time to let a manufacturer know when they are satisfied.

If there is any other service we can provide for you, please let us know.



Roumel Sy

Consumer Line - Team Lead


visit us at www.closetmaid.com

1 800 874 0008

At this point I'm convinced that they're totally dense over there. I don't even want to dignify this email with a response! I'd rather just giggle a bit and let it go.


Todd - Home Construction Improvement said...

Customer Service? Are you kidding....it hardly exists in this Country anymore. Kinda sad...glad to see you have such a great attitude about it.

Greg said...

You see, the survey was processed in India, or beyond, where "you suck, a-holes" translates, loosely, to "your product is a-OK".

Aight, I'm gonna head out, like a fetus...

Hope everything comes out OK!