Half Trimmed

Well, Mike caught the flu last week and was absolutely couch-ridden for days. This put us more then a little behind on finishing the room, but we were able to finally put up all the window trim and install the shades.

The baseboard trim proved to be a little more problematic due to a gap in the flooring along one of the walls, so we stopped there. Plus, all the rest of the hardwood is still stacked against the opposite wall. (Always something in the way.)

At this point, we need to move all that stacked hardwood into the hallway and finish installing the baseboard trim. We still need to stain the closet doors and purchase the organizer and closet light too. All easier said then done, mostly because of weather and Mike's hectic schedule. It seems he needs to visit or help out friends or neighbors every single day.

And did I mention the mailbox isn't up yet? Our poor mailperson!