Seven Days of Baby

It's come down to this. One week until the due date.

We took a little trip to Boston this past weekend - very relaxing, but of course nothing new has been accomplished around the house. Scratch that - Mike has been playing with his chainsaws. That doesn't count for me.

Those window bottoms still need to be stained and installed. The closet light needs to be fixed. The closet doorknobs have to be installed. Nevermind the fact that the car seats aren't even in yet... that's kind of critical. Plus I have some other stupid stuff that needs to be done that just isn't getting done.

At this time of year, whenever we try to do anything, Mike is attacked by neighbors, friends, and family who all need him to help them with stuff. And it's not that any one person asks too much - it's that they all seem to ask all at once. On Mike's to do list this week - my dad's car, his parent's subfloor, our neighbor's tiller, our other neighbor's tractor, a co-worker's lawn mower, a brake job for a friend... and I know I'm not even remembering it all. And of course by the time the poor kid is done, he's exhausted and can't manage anything on my to-do list. Plus he's got his own list - including fixing the new 4wheeler and chainsaws he's recently acquired.

This same thing happened last year, but it's no less rediculous this year and I'm sure he'll be burnt out by June.


Rebecca said...

I can't believe you are down to the last week! It seemed like just yesterday you shared with us all that you were pregnant. WOW time flies. Before you know it, your little bundle will be graduating high school.

Slow down, you are making the rest of us look bad ;)