Woo w/a-side-a Hoo

I usually don't post on Saturdays - being my day to get stuff done - but I have some momentous news courtesy of Uncle Sam....

So I went to check my bank account online to see how much non-money I had and which checks had gone through. But on the home page where they showed my balance - it was too high! I thought to myself, is there some transfer that happened? Did I accidentally put my check into checking instead of savings?

I clicked on checking. You're not going to believe it - it was our freakin economic stimulus money! It had been directly deposited just like our tax refund. $1200. I nearly died. And immediately my head is swimming with the possibilities, but I have to remember not to blow it - this is porch money. Materials money. Pay-off-that-DeepHo-card money. Buy lean cuisines for lunch money.

Just yesterday I was gearing up for a belt-tightening week. And now the belt is coming off entirely! I guess that's the power of techno music/positive attitude.