Rain, Materials, and Bdays

I just checked the hour by hour forecast, courtesy of weather.com - providing hour by hour forecasts to psychotic planners like myself. And by 3pm the chance of thunderstorms, wind, and rain jumps up to 80%....

Not good for exterior work.

But despite all that, Mike (hopefully) ordered nearly all of the rest of the materials from Morse today. The remainder of the decking, the stuff for the roof, etc. All that will be left to buy is roofing and trim... and of course siding and all that jazz.

TJ our master carpenter was really eager to get the roof on and all that this weekend - but with Saturday a rain-out and Sunday Mike's Bday - I doubt that's happening.

Sunday we're having a little Impromptu-BQ for Mike. Nothing big. Some friends offered to come over and bring some food and drinks - and who was I to argue?! I've been too tapped out to plan anything.

But if by some bizarre chance the winds shift direction or something like that... which has been happening quite a bit lately... we'll be ready to continue on.