Plunging In, PT First

Tomorrow's the big dive. Mike's going to order up our first round of materials from Morse Lumber. Notice I did not mention a certain big box store.... and that's key here. Who wants to spend hours and hours hand picking 2x10's from a mountain of cruddy 2x10's? Who wants to load them all in and out of the truck? Who wants to pay up the wazoo?

Not us.

When large quantities of materials are on the line, and I have the cash to cover it, I would much rather order from Morse Lumber, who will deliver it to my driveway same or next day absolutely free and I've always been highly satisfied with the quality of their product. Plus we have an account there, courtesy of our neighbor Matt. (He and his dad run the business, you know.)

The only reason we don't go there for all our small stuff is that I normally don't have the cash to cover it.... and I don't have a normal credit card. Just a DeepHo card. And the Home Depot is a little bit closer to our house. Which is all ridiculous logic... I wouldn't even call it logic, actually.

Anyway, back to the subject on hand. With materials ordered, you just know we'll be working all memorial day weekend. I can't wait - weather's going to be great - I might even buy paint and start on the garage, just for the fun of it. And maybe I'll see if I can dig up some shutters on craigslist....