Give or take a few thousand monkeys, a few thousand typewriters...

The theory states - if you put a few thousand monkeys in a room with a few thousand typewriters and give them unlimited time - they'd eventually write the works of Shakespeare - purely by chance.

The same theory should apply to home renovation by non-professionals. Give or take a few thousand projects, you'll eventually do something right - purely by chance.

Every time we talk to one of our carpenter friends, it's "Well, you're not really supposed to do it that way." or "You're really supposed to use this..." or "It would have been easier if you had..." I guess we haven't hit that magical random project that turns out beautifully perfect by pure random chance.

It was the same story last night. Mike had some questions, and called up a friend of ours, who immediately had changes for us to make to the work we did last weekend. Small changes, mind you. We're usually not too far adrift on the sea of can't-turn-back-now. He also had some advice for this upcoming weekend, as we want to continue to press forward and get as much accomplished as we can - without starting to frame out the porch. (That is not a job for un-professionals, especially when inspections are on the line.)

So he's going to come by tomorrow morning to provide some much needed guidance. I'm not quite sure what's happening yet - something to do with some 2x10 or something that goes... somewhere. I paying about 2% attention to Mike as he was trying to tell me. I was so out of it last night.

2% Attention - great band name. As apposed to Skim Attention and Whole Attention. First album: "Crying Over Spillt Attention"

And I guess we can finish that window trim in the kitchen... and put up the exterior trim on that one mudroom window. And if it doesn't rain I could always start repainting the exterior window trim.

I have to admit, I'm not very enthusiastic about the approaching tomorrow. The forecast calls for a 60% chance of poopiness with mostly gross skies and temperatures low in the depths of the sweater drawer. That, coupled with the fact that bills and a trip to BJ's have stripped us of our stimulus money... it's got me feeling like I should just crawl in bed with a bowl of cookie dough and watch cartoons for 48hrs straight.

Mike would stab me if he saw me doing that. I'd have to lock myself in.

I'd like to start tiling in the mudroom - my dadoo has already agreed to help. (He also did our kitchen tile - which I get more compliments on then anything else.) But I feel like I shouldn't spend anything not exterior-related, since I have that big 'ol list to fulfill.

And I have to keep spending religiously on the exterior if I intend to have it all completed by the end of summer. I can't be cheap because every weekend is precious.

Stay tuned - I don't know what's going to happen next.