Wrong Again?!

Alright, so remember yesterday I thought, "Mike must have bought the nailer because $200 is waaaay too much for rental."


$160 for a week and then he got $40 worth of nails. Do you know how much it costs to purchase one at Home Depot? I do - we went and looked yesterday evening. $500 some odd dollars. So basically, when this machine rents out for just three weeks - it's more than paid for itself. I was outraged. But Home Depot's rental fees for the same type of nailer were even more expensive - they charged via 4-hour intervals or 24-hour intervals. $40 for a day. $40!! That puts a week with their nailer at $280.

They just don't think you're going to be flooring a whole 1/2 a house at one time. They think, "oh, the do-it-yourselfer isn't smart enough to go all out like that. They'll only do one 12x12 room at a time."

Be that as it may - now we're trying to push ourselves to work late nights yesterday and tonight and get just the bedroom done and then take the damn thing back. We'll rent it another couple days when we have all the furniture cleared out of the office. No use paying for it when we're not using it.

Why don't I just purchase the one at HD? I mean, eventually, we'll be doing the entire downstairs too. I guess I'm just too pissed off to purchase. I know that's a horrible excuse. But can't we get like, a USED one somewhere? The whole thing's just ridiculous.

On the brighter side... of life.. de doo dee doo be doo bee doo - sorry. It is Fancy Friday after all. And despite my pissed-off-ed-ness, I really am feelin good today.

I'm excited for my floor! Mike set the first few rows last night - he told me to leave the room early on because I was stressing him out. I was just so pissed about the nailer and the money and then I was all worried cause he wasn't following the written installation instructions - and apparently, I was breathing in a way that was somehow stressful. And I admit - I was freaking out like a girl and needed to just butt out. So I did.

I didn't even go up to look at it until after he'd left for work this morning. It looked good. I'm very excited. And, yes, I did apologize about being a psycho and asked if I could be allowed back up to help tonight. And he accepted my apology and oh isn't that great and warm and make you feel all yum dum doodle dum inside...

Now that the kodak moment is over, back to the issue. I really really want to get a lot accomplished tonight. If we don't finish the room, I want to be so damn close that we can get up early tomorrow and be done with it. I still have to do my third coat of paint, but of course, we have the nailer now and have to make tracks on the floor. So I'll just have to plastic. Hopefully I can do that Sat afternoon or evening.

And watch out for pics on Mon.


Kathy said...

You could look for one on ebay. Or you could buy new and sell on ebay when you're done. I've purchased items from toolsplus.com - usually cheaper than HD.

Anonymous said...

I hate Home Depot, but this time I think there is a logical explanation. They are not in the business of renting equipment, that's just an add on they have. I lower value equipments like this one, they probably just want people to do the math and decide to buy the nailer instead of renting it. That way they make their margins. If you insist, then they still make the money with the rental.

Meg said...

We had a similar experience renting sanders from HD. You might want to call around to local tool rental centers. We found 2 that were fantastic. We always call them first now. Besides the more realist rates ($9/DAY vs $32/day at HD) the people there were very well-informed and helpful.

But I agree, sometimes it just makes $ sense to buy the tool vs. renting.

Stephanie said...

You might also try checking Craigslist. You might have to drive in from the Cape to the Boston area, but it might be worth the drive if you save a few hundred bucks. :-)

Greg said...

Pawn shops are full of them.

Christina said...

Yep, they get stolen from job sites all the time, so there's plenty of "used" ones out there. Ebay has some. I used to have the link to a police seizure site, (can't find it) They auction off stolen property they find.