I think I'm Right

There is a debate that needs to be settled. Any maybe some of you house bloggers can help me out with this.

Ok - first off, my house is shaped like a barn with no dormers or anything. So the upstairs has slanted ceilings on both sides, a cathedral ceiling slant up, and a flat part at the very top of the ceiling.

The debate is in regards to painting - painting the room in dark color with a white ceiling.

First School of Thought: Paint the walls AND the cathedral slant up - only paint the flat part at the top of the ceiling white. This draws the eye up and makes the ceiling appear higher and the room, bigger. Painting the cathedral slant up white would bring the ceiling down and make the room feel small and short.

Second School of Thought: Paint only the walls. Painting the cathedral slant up and the flat part of the ceiling white will make the room appear larger because the lighter color will let more light into the room.

I learned of the first school of thought from HGTV - so I am of that mindset and believe that to be true. However, my neighbors are trying to convince me otherwise and it's pissing me off.

Also - I'm sick of everyone saying "dark colors make a room look smaller." It's absolutely ridiculous. People tell me that again and again because I happen to like dark colors. And I'm sick of it. Color is beautiful! I had to live in all white houses growing up and hated it. And now this ceiling thing. So settle the score for me, because I think I'm right.


Anonymous said...

You do whatever you want. It's your house, unless your neighbors are suddenly living in it.

Kathy said...

I agree with anon. Paint it the way you want it, if you don't like it you can always change it.

Rebecca said...

How about two complimentary shades? The walls at the bottom a dark color (or faux chair rail.. oh that sounds cool!!), a lighter shade of the same color on the slant, like an illusion that the slant really isn't a slant, and then a puffy cloud mural on the ceiling. If you get really creative, glow in the dark stars so when you shut off the lights, you feel as if you are outside in nature.

And all of this explains why after three (four?) years I've never painted beyond primer.

kitrainia said...

Nothing like the internet to cheer me up. Puffy clouds and glow in the dark star stickers - the classic. I love it.

Greg said...

A fan of colors myself, my experience thus far says to consider the WEIGHT of each color.. darker typically = heavier, and should be applied to smaller surfaces. Its 'weight' offset by a lighter color, tint or shade on larger surfaces... and do what you want with the ceilings in white. I think you'll be happy - not to mention, it's fun. To paint, although the edging where the two colors meet takes more time.

Good luck!


LisaBe said...

so i'm making this same decision right now. what'd you end up doing?