We've Got Wood

There's 500sq feet of hardwood sitting upstairs right now. And I have to admit, I was nervous about it. But when we picked it up last Saturday, brought it upstairs, and opened one of the boxes, I was excited and relieved to see that it was beautiful.

The color is awesome, the sheen is shiny, and it all seems to match everything perfectly. I love it. It's been hard to let it sit in the boxes, but it has to get used to the house's temp and humidity and all that for 3-7 days.

Up until Sunday, the plan was to install it this upcoming weekend. But on Sunday our neighbor Dana came by. Now he's an old drywall pro, now retired. (Makes a killer cranberry moonshine, tear-jerking jalepeno poppers, and venison chili that would grow hair on a gecko.) Anyway, he rightly pointed out that before we go putting down the hardwood, we should fix the drywall that was damaged during the house lifting. Because of course drywalling makes the biggest mess ever - next to demolition of course. Lucky for us, he offered his assistance, plus one of other other neighbors who used to work with him.

So they're coming over tonight to start. And believe me, having the drywall repaired is another sigh of relief that's been long awaited. We had to wait until winter was over because we wanted the house to have fully settled before we went fixing anything.

There's not much drywall damage in the office, but the bedroom is pretty bad - with 1/2 inch of crack separation in a couple of locations. So they'll probably start in there. And of course, once they're done, I'll have to paint again. Figures the bedroom is a deep burgundy color - so I'll expect to be doing a lot of coats.

Oh - and later on Sunday, our carpenter recommended we put down another 1/2 inch of plywood over the 3/4 we already have up there. So.... we'll have to do that too before any wood can go down.

Annoying isn't it? But I kinda saw it coming. I'll have to take some pics tonight. This cadbury egg tastes interestingly...