Another Nailer

Mike left the house early this morning to rent the nailer. Turns out it was $200. I wonder how long we get to have it for the $200 - because that seems really steep to me. Couldn't we buy one for that? Maybe that's what he did.

*Ok - since the last paragraph I looked up prices on power floor nailers. They're really varied - from $200 some dollars to $600 some dollars. So it's quite possible he could have purchased the thing - especially if you take into consideration that he used to work there at the United Rentals. They probably gave him a discount.

I wouldn't mind owning it for that price. Renting for that price? Pshaw. That's what I say. I better be able to keep it for like 6 mo's for $200.

Anyway, as you probably guessed Mike finished plywooding over the last two nights. I didn't get home in time from work on either night to help, unfortunately. But I do need to touch up my paint. I think since I have plenty left, I may as well third coat the whole thang tonight.

After the floor is in, we'll have to trim out the windows and put in baseboard trim. I mean, why not? All the furniture is outta there. If I was really cool I'd get my closet doors too - but I think I can wait on that.

But we have to do it quick - with everything out of that closet, there's clothes EVERYWHERE. Clean, dirty, mine, his - who knows - they're all over the place and all mixed together. And, being semi-OC about messes, I don't know how long I can stand to look at it before I break out a paper bag to breath through.