I Think I'm Wrong

I have to say, I just loved allll of your comments to my last entree. And you all are right - why should I obsess over it?

But, I have to admit - I was wrong.

Sunday I started painting, and decided to give method #2 a try. And by the time the first coat was on, I was in love. Leaving the entire top slant white totally makes the room look bigger! I love it. It 's a nice contrast to the red and matches my white TV stand.

Last night I did the second coat. I didn't look at it this morning, but hopefully this time around I wont' have to do a third coat.

Meanwhile Mike's been putting in the 1/2 inch plywood (underlayment for the hardwood) and boy has it been tricky. But I think we're making good progress. The bedroom is almost all done - and with very little cursing and swearing and throwing of hammers.

Tonight's madness involves removing the closet organizer - which is conveniently attached to the wall in, oh, 10 places! Last night I took out all the stuff in the closet though - so everything's ready to go. We'll probably use two more sheets of ply - which is two less than we thought we'd need. So that's good too. I hate to curse it, but everything is going smoothly.

Hopefully Mike will be able to see what it takes to rent the hardwood nailer too. If we can get that tomorrow night.... oooo! Think of the fun! I can't wait.


Leslie said...

I have that same decision to make, once we finally get around to painting the 3rd floor rooms. I used a painting program to play around with different looks, and as much as I'd originally thought the same as you about how far the "wall" color should go up, the pics I colored made it clear that painting just the vertical part of the wall was the way to go for me. Like you said, it makes the room look bigger, but also in these rooms it will give it a wainscotting type of look. I'm even considering getting some kind of trim to use as a quasi-chairrail at the juncture, which (being another color addict) may be a contrasting rich highlight color.