It's My BDay!

Honestly, it is. And I tell you, things are looking bright. Mike and I had just finished filling out/handing in all the Conservation Comission paperwork, sending the certified mail to all the abutters, and, of course, the lovely filing fee - when we recieved a building permit in the mail.

It was one of those confusing life's moments. Mike comes in with the envelope and says:

"It looks like a letter that you were trying to send out, but it got opened..."

I'm looking at it. It's addressed to me at my address... but it's in my handwriting. I'm highly confused. I stare at it for a good minute or so, trying to figure out what I sent, not putting two and two together.

Then I looked at the return address - town of bourne - and realize, it's a self addressed envelope. I can't remember addressing it, but here it is, in my hands. I flip it open and pull out the permit.

At that moment, all I can say is Holy &*%$! Oh my god, I can't believe it. Holy *#$%. Over and over again as I look at the permit.

It must be a mistake, I tell Mike. Some idiot made some major *&*$ administrative mistake and sent us a permit! Mike just kept repeating things like "Allright!" and "Finally."

So we posted it in view of the road and I left a message from my housemover.... who hasn't called me back yet... SOB ding-dong. Our comission meeting is on the 16th, so I think no work will start until after then.

And hopefully hopefully, this thing will be up in the air by March end. Better be. That's all I have to say.

And what I am doing for my birthday? I'd like not to cook... and I'd like a shoe cube from Closetmaid. I don't think that's too much to ask.