This is the Way Uh Huh Uh Huh

So day number 0 has arrived. We're not ready yet. Not that I've heard from bob... but I don't expect to. I'll have to call him on Monday morning and say, "We're reaaddy!" because hopefully - no definately - we need to have everything done by Mon.

That leaves a lot for this weekend. I mean, a real lot.

Finish clearing out the mudroom with the skid steer
Take down the chimney and clean that up
Move the trash hut
Disconnect plumbing
Empty and remove oil tank and water heater from basement
Pack up cats and other necesseties
Bring said stuff to Brewster
Do any dishes or cleaning that will require water
Setup time lapse and test

(Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you guys I got a time lapse VCR and a survelliance cam coming to record this whole thing! Isn't that freakin' smurf?)

Wooo - I'm tired just from making that list. I hope we survive. We might need some help....