Du Na Na Na - UPDATE

Bringing you news you can't use regarding my house, we turn LIVE to Jess for an update.

Hi and welcome to insanity. As you can see, there has been no forward progress here. The Town called last Friday to tell us that since we have a small stream across the street and fall under the durisiction of the Environmental Overlay District (which by the way is only my road) and our house is not 200 feet from said stream, we have to go through the Conservation Comission.

What does this really mean? More red tape, more paperwork to fill out, maps to make, descriptions to write, more filing fees, more certified mail to all the abutters, more time at the copy machine, and one big trip to a comission meeting where a ruling will be handed down, and hopefully, at that time, a permit.

I hate this. Yes, we must protect our wetlands. But this is not a new construction or a major landscape change. This is not a dock, pier, or swamp filling. We're simply picking up the house, digging out the dirt, pouring a foundation, putting the house back down, and filling dirt around the new foundation - making the place look pretty again.

There should be an amendment created specifically for small projects and landscape jobs such as this.