Population Tires

Ever been to Strong Badia? No? Go to www.homestarrunner.com and check out the Strong Bad emails. Anyway, our population of tires was at a whopping 40. We inherited them all when we bought the house, and until recently, due to high dump costs, were unable to get rid of them.

But on Friday, inspired by the bitchiness of our neighbor's daughter, I contacted the local "We Get Rid of It" company (www.wegetridofit.com) and scheduled them to come on Saturday afternoon.

So Saturday morning, Mike and I got up super early and drove straight out back with the Dodge. We threw in tire after tire until the truck was full, then drove up, stacked the tires in the driveway, and drove back for another go. When all the tires were stacked, we pulled out all the junk metal and other trash back there we could find.

The We Get Rid of It people came on time and took all of them for the low low price of $300. This saved us over $100 at the dump's $10 or more per tire price tag. Then on Sunday we took the rest of the metal trash to the dump for $9. Not too shabby for another couple hundred pounds of junk. Plus, while waiting for We Get Rid of It on Saturday, we got a burn permit and took care of 90% of the brush we had piled up from last year. Thank god.

I tried to rake a little. The leaves are still everywhere and it looks like crud-o. Now if we could just grow some grass... the backyard still looks like a sandpit from when the septic was done 2 years ago. Poo. Hopefully soon.

Sunday night we began cleaning out some of the furniture from the mudroom. We rearranged the guest room so it would all look nice in there. Now it's just the washer/drier and carpet in the mudroom. Oh, and the locker. All that will have to be moved this week too so that cement floor can come out.

Move out is next weekend - we're so excited. Disconnections will be made and cement will be jackhammered. T-minus 6 days until lift off.