Seven days to go... you guys know I don't count today as a day right? Ok, just makin' sure. Last night Mike really started venting some house lifting/conservation comission frustration on the mudroom floor. We got about half of the plywood up by cutting into it in small peices with a sawzall and jigsaw and then prying them up.

Then, we started in on the cement floor underneath. Mike took several whacks with a sledgehammer to see how easily it would break. Turns out - very easily! The concrete is thin and crumbles like Crumb Cake... mmm, Entennmen's Ultimate Crumb Cake. So crumbalicious. Anyway, my job was to put all the concrete peices into the wheelbarrow. We had sledged out about a 4X4 foot section when my friend Kylene and her beau stopped by - so that was a welcome break.

They suggested renting an air hammer from home depot instead of a jackhammer like we were originally thinking. I guess they're super cheap to rent and do a great job on thincrete like this. We may look into it for tonight.

Meanwhile Mike hired his muscly friends Tom and JP to work for us on the weekend - we provide beer and pizza, they provide some lifting. Then we'll really get this floor out of the mudroom AND the concrete front step - which is going to be a thick one, I tell you.

Meanwhile meanwhile - I called the Foundation place again today. Told them I needed an estimate for their part of the job. I want to make sure everything is OK and Official. ie - I want signed contracts. I don't need to lift this house up and then find out that the foundation will be something crazy unaffordable like 40,000 or some other rediculous number. Hopefully, this place will actually get back to me today... what a novel idea that would be.