Happy VDay! How 'bout a BJ?

Ok, so forgive me, I haven't had time to write because I've been so cheezed off. Granted it's only Tuesday. Let me start over again. No permit on Thursday. I made a special trip on lunch break to check the mail on Friday - still no permit.

Thinking of all the productive work I could be doing over the weekend, I called the inspection office. The permit babe's excuse? Some dude was out sick allll week. (shaking head in dismay, Jess sighs as she remembers how much she hates relying on other people for this sort of BS. Oh well, she ponders silently. Nothing anyone can do about it.)

I guess everything turned out ok though because as you may have heard, New England got hit with a Blizzard over the weekend. A real Norm-Easter, private joke. Sorry. Anyway, with wind gusts up to 50mph, temperatures down in the 'teens, and snow piling up 8 to 14 inches... not the ideal time to be jackhammering out a cement floor or taking down a chimney, or any of the other prep work we have on our palettes.

So here's Tuesday. I've been trying to get the foundation dude on the phone, get a contract from him. But all I got when I called yesterday was the answering machine. I wonder if they had a post-blizzard snow day. Perhaps. I wish I could have one.

I'll keep trying. Hopefully the permit will arrive today, or tomorrow, or maybe the next day...