Two Weeks Today

So here I am, waiting for the day to be over so I can run home and check the mailbox. Will the permit have arrived? It's been 10 days to the day. I haven't had any calls. I haven't heard from the foundation guy - our housemover's on vacation this week, but if the permit comes, I'm supposed to call Kirk over there at the company.

I guess if it hasn't arrived, I'll have to call town hall tomorrow, you know, just to nudge any info out of them. Make sure our contractor got all his info in on time.. I would just die if I had to wait any longer.

I want to start jacking out the mud room slab floor. I want to wrip down that terrible chimney/heater vent whatever it is. I want to see that house up in the air. Like - next week. Like Monday. Like I've been dreaming of since day 1.

I can't wait to get home to the mailbox. It all depends on you now boxy. Gimmee some good news to end my week. Some luck for once.