Doo Bee Doo Bee Dooo

When we last left Jess, our heroine drug of choice, she was locked in a permit battle of wits as she made phone call after phone call. Checked the mailbox time and time again. With no success.

Contracting is the best job evah! Why? Gee... you don't have to call people back, you don't have to answer your phone, you don't have to be in your office - EVER, you can make customers wait for months on end, you can charge up the wazoo, and you never have to answer anyone for it.

And second in behind contracting is building permits person as the second bestest job evah. Because they have nearly the same rights and privilages as listed above.

Grrrr. I get more and more angry every day the permit doesn't come in. Every day I don't get my call returned. And if you've been listening in, you know that's a hell of a lot of days.

So now - poor Mike and I. We can't start because we don't have a permit. We're out of heating oil, but can't fill the tank if we're about to take it out. (So we've been putting in 5 gallons daily to get us by - thank god we're good friends with the oil man.) We have no money to do any other work to the house while were waiting for this one job.

I hate this. On top of it all, we decided to get married in May at the house, pending this job being done. Considering that the process will take a month - they have to hurry up or we'll miss our deadline.

Does no one understand?