Truckin Stuff

Chimney Dude dropped off his truck last Saturday night. Mike fixed it on Sunday. Chimney Dude picked it up on Sunday night.

One half of the trade, completed.

The dude examined our hole, which had washed out some in the recent rains, and gave Mike a couple notes such as, "go a little deeper" and "you may lose that bathroom window." Tuesday night, Mike re-dug the washed out portion. So.... we're ready.

In the next step, the dude is going to set the forms for the chimney's foundation. That has to be inspected before we can actually pour the foundation. Then, it's up, up, and away! Seems fairly simple to me, but as always, we'll see how it goes. We have no clue when the dude will be back out to set the forms.

In the mean time, I've been poking and poking Mike to schedule our plumber for the last phase of bath-madness. (The pump to the septic part.) Our old bathroom is doing worse by the minute, leaking water everywhere. I fear that some day soon the floor is just going to give way and I'm going to end up in the basement with a real mess on my hands. But I doubt he's remembered today either... his memory is worse then mine these days.

And me? I'll be pooped until I'm popped, I guess. I have no energy, extreme pain, and plenty on my mind. I could probably sleep half the day away and spend the second half on the couch eating tacos. Fish tacos. With avocado. Yes, California style. But instead I spend my little bit of free time trying to arrange and clean the upstairs once-office now turning-nursery. The crib's up, the swing and bassinet are assembled, and the dresser changing table is purchased and in place. Nothing is quite put away yet... but I did do my first load of chemical-free dye-free fragrance-free laundry!