Chimney - A Reality?

Great and unexpected news - chimney work is scheduled to begin this Sunday! I was betting against this project for the simple reason that we started it before we should have and created a giant hole in the yard.

The arrival of the permit was the first surprise. Now, the guys have scheduled themselves for this coming Sunday. Mike is going to fix the dude's truck and the dude is going to poor the footing. (I still have no clue how we're funding this endeavor by the way.)

This last weekend, I also spoke to our plumber regarding the basement bathroom. (Yes, that's still down there... just hangin out.) He's available, in his words, "whenever" to come over and plumb what we need plumbed - the pump to the septic, out. Awesome! So when are we available? Ur... um... uh... dunno. Maybe I shouldn't have started the conversation without a calendar and the entire family at hand.

Already this weekend's booked... so, the following? Of course I wasn't able to articulate that when I was talking to the guy. We'll see what happens after this weekend, I suppose.