Making Half an Effort... Maybe

Friday the 27th – day four past my due date. I’m tired. Lethargic. Bored. Most everything has been done… I’m procrastinating a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t matter too much. Like D batteries. I’m not sure if I have any. And I don’t feel like checking.

The office/nursery is all set up except for a random extra changing table and the bassinet, which are both just hanging out in the room for now. Both will eventually go into our bedroom – again, I just don’t feel like making the rearranging effort until I need to. Mike will have some time off to help me when this baby finally does come anyway.

And have I taken a picture to show you all? No.

Meanwhile, other things are just trudging along slowly. Down in the bathroom we put up one hook for towels, a toilet paper holder, and all the lightbulbs for the vanity and fan fixtures. I bought a dimmer switch and a wall plate to go with it yesterday on my way home. That will probably go up in the coming days along with the closet light and light switch. I’m also looking forward to doors… nothing new in that department yet.

Outside, the chimney foundation is still as it was. We’re still waiting for the town to come and inspect. In the past week or two, heavy thunderstorms have caved in the hole more then once. Mike dug it out, then dug it out again, then dug it out and made a barrier of wood scraps to keep it from washing out. So far, it seems to be holding, but we hope for the inspection soon.

No sign of our carpenter in regards to work on the porch. But we were all out of the house on a family outting last Sunday anyway. Doesn’t much matter since we haven’t ordered or even listed out the next round of materials needed.

And that’s just about all the news that’s fit to print. Mike’s had a ton of misc stuff of his own to take care of – a jetski fix-to-sell project, a 4wheeler fix for a friend, a lawn tractor fix… There’s no shortage of work to be done out in the garage.

Me, I’ll just keep on waiting.