Lots of Work For A Little Concrete Square

The dudes came on Monday and formed, then poured the chimney footing, attaching to the house's foundation with rebar. Sounds easy enough, but involved a lot of digging, cutting, mixing, and pouring. The result:

Yup, there it is. That tiny little square with the inscription, "The Boys." Their calling card. And while the dudes were in the hole, Mike fixed the back brakes in the dude's truck. Both parties were more then satisfied with the work accomplished.

Today, Mike called the town inspector, who said he'd be out today to review the work. Undoubtedly, we'll get some paperwork in the mail with the result of that first inspection. Beyond that, we have some more materials to purchase and a second day of work to schedule. The dude estimates he can build the chimney all the way to the top in just a couple days if not one. All good.

Tonight, Mike also installed the vanity light, switch, and multi-function switch in the basement bathroom. At long last, maybe we can get a mirror above the sink. (At long last... listen to me. This thing hasn't even been functional a week. My concept of time is warped.)

Ta-da! Of course, we only had one light bulb in stock. This is probably the only light fixture in the house that takes regular bulbs and not those little tiny expensive whatever they are's. The fan fixture is another story. Mike claims it did not come with light bulbs. I claim that nearly every fixture I've ever purchased from Home Depot came with light fixtures. It must have and we just either lost them or threw them out with the box. Frustrating now, since it takes SUPER WEIRD bulbs.

My next task is to go to the Home Depot, find the fixture, notate which light bulbs we need, and purchase. Perhaps tomorrow.