Thwarted By the 4th!

I seem to have forgotten last week that this week holds the infamous 4th of July holiday. The 4th is traditionally Boat Day, as Mike and I and our compadrates set sail for the Lewis Bay fireworks. (And when I say "set sail," what I really mean is "not in a sailboat because I hate sailboats.")

But alas - our new boat was not yet ready to go.... If you may recall from a bz'gillion years ago, it was on stands in the backyard... sans trailer... which was in the sideway (side-driveway)... sans functionality.

So Mike took as much time as he could on Sunday - had a friend of his over to help - and worked tirelessly to fix the trailer, pull the boat on, and replace the power steering lines..

The roof? Not yet. The porch? Not yet.

But I'm still quite pleased. The separately parked boat and trailer were taking up double space in the yard and sideway. Now, with the boat on the trailer, the back yard is... well, it's not clean. There's still that stupid Dodge #2 back there. But it's a yard minus a 23' boat - so I'd call that progress!

This weekend? There's that 4th to contend with, of course. Plus, in typical 4th fashion, a party on the eve of the 3rd. I've got the 5th off, but no doubt we'll be dealing with the repercussions of the 3rd and 4th if we even make it to the 5th in one piece!
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