Gifts for Above

Upon returning home Wednesday or Thursday of last week, a surprise out back by the garage addition. Roofing shingles!!

Where did they come from? No doubt our roofer Timmy dropped them off. Now the only question is, when can he return to install them? Don't know. Do we need more? Probably. Some other materials too? Probably. A step in the right direction? Sure! Any progress is good progress.

So what is going on at this very moment and why isn't it roofing? Well, Mike is trying to rushedly fix our new boat before the massive thunderstorms and possible tornadoes hit. (We made it on Storm Master G's TorCon forcast with a number 3.) After all, this is the last of our free weekends before the 4th of July. More events events and other events!

Last weekend we worked on the boat trailer - yes, I helped. And then Mike diagnosed the boat so he could purchase parts over the week. I'm most looking forward to just getting the boat off of the sketchy stands at this point and onto the trailer. Reclaiming near to the entire back yard won't be so bad either! Give the grass a fighting chance to live through the rest of the summer...

Who knows if that will happen today though - especially if these storms hit.

Also last week my strathwood chairs arrived. I've been waiting to get these durn things from Amazon for ages. Every time I had money - they weren't available. No money - available! It drove me crazy. So finally, seeing that the ones I wanted were once again available, I just said heck with it and snatched  them up. A couple years ago I bought a chaise and I've been so happy with the quality and the price. (Yes, I sound like a commercial don't I?) In fact, I signed up for this nifty amazon product feature thing just because I wanted to tell y'all about strathwood.

Look elsewhere for wood and/or teak outdoor furniture. It's expensive. We're talkin like $200 per chair - $300+ for a chaise?! That's highway robbery. And I despise plastic, wicker, and metal. With strathwood, the set of 2 chairs WITH CUSHIONS were just $150. Yes, set of 2, $150. Awesome.

I found a rocking chair at OSJL (ocean state job lot) that matched for $140 and I snatched that thing right up, since strathwood doesn't make one.

Of course now I have all this nicey nice furniture on an unfinished porch that's partially taken up by entire house-side's worth of siding. I told Mike I wanted to stain the deck and that's when he reminded me, "hey, who's going to move the siding and to where?!" Grrrr. But a valid point. A frustrating point. I hate that feeling of unable-to-do-anything.

But at least I have chairs. How'd we go from roofing to boat to chairs?! That's just how my mind works I guess. Loyal readers are used to it by now.
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