Excitable Me

How happy was I to see Timmy in the driveway when I got home from work last night?! He and Mike were on the porch... with a tape measure. A tape measure! I could have cried tears of joy.

And suddenly the entire world was filled with hope once again.

Mike just has to pick up some flashing and some ice and water for the garage roof. Tim will be over later this week some day after work to bang it out. The whole thing! In one evening. I'm overjoyed.

For the porch, we have an initial materials list in terms of wood 'n stuff. Our to-do list includes wiring and ceiling decisions. And, while Tim was over, we made another big decision regarding the porch steps. One set of steps is easy - it will lead straight out from the front door area to the lawn. Yippee. The other set of steps is not so easy.

Currently, the temporary side steps leading to the french doors jut right out into the driveway, cutting off massive parking potential. Not the ideal situation considering our vehicle situation. We need as much driveway as we can muster! But, stairs to code would land in near to the same spot. The solution - twist 'em! Yes, rotate those stairs 90 degrees, so they'd be parallel to the house. This will still cut into the driveway, but not as much as a straight out, smack-ya in the face stairway.

One problem - solved in an awesome way. Love it!

And the electrical? It won't be a big to-do, in my opinion. But we do want to wire for speakers, lights, a fan, and outlets to be placed in the ceiling. (Why outlets?! Think xmas lights and other cool decor, my friends.) We already have some wiring in-house, plus some other materials that may come in handy.

And the ceiling? Tongue and groove pine board or whatever it is would be totally swank.... but totally expensive. And as much as I love that 2" wainscotting... I'm not too hip with that on my ceiling either. I'm thinking maybe a similar pre-fab product with a wider design. Something along the lines or 4" or maybe even more. I'm going to see if I can get the Lowes-down (get it?) for some idears.

Once that decision is finalized, we'll order all the mat's from Matt over at Morse Lumber. Our plan for the time being is to complete the ceiling, stairs, and all trimblies essential to the exterior of the porch. Yes, I know it's all exterior - but you know what I mean. As in NECESSARY not DECORATIVE. Railings and such can come at a later date if need be. Although we'll see how it goes. Timmy is very much like Mike in so much as when he's working - he works like crazy until the job is done. And he gets it done quick. And he gets it done right.

So as you can imagine, I'm just going crazay. I can't believe it's all about to happen!

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