Ready to Rock and Roof

Step flashing? Check. Ice & Water? Check.

We're officially ready to roof! Not sure if Mike's talked to Tim yet. He had some errands to do last night in addition to picking up the flashing and ice & water and didn't get home until late. And tonight we're supposed to be getting some potentially severe thunderstorms... so tonight is out.

Maybe Friday night?! Oh I am so excited, you have no idea.

Meanwhile, Mike is going to order some a/v cable from work so we can wire the porch for speakers. In talking about it, he estimates it'll take less then a day to get all that taken care of. I'm thinking Sunday might be that day. Yes, we have a bday party smack dab in the midst of the day, but if Mike can start early, break to go with me to the partay, and then come back to finish in the evening, I'd imagine we'd be golden.

Of course we'd have to prepare for that scenario by purchasing all materials today or tomorrow.... that's doable. Hmmm. Plans 'a brewin over here. (This is what happens when I start writing - I get crazy idears.)
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