On Your Siding

Home Depot wasn't as far off the mark as Mike thought. Which is what I thought. I'm not sure why he had this delusion that the siding would be cheap. Morse Lumber estimated the cost around $2000 - certainly comparable to what we saw at the deepHo. Plus we may be able to get a better price from our neighbor Matt, whose family owns Morse. He helped us out big time on the roofing last year, which was awesome and allowed us to finish by summer's end.

So $2000. I'm ok with that. When do we purchase? That I don't know. Once the siding is here, it has to go up. And that will depend on Mike and TJ's schedules. (TJ our carpenter will be over to get us started, then leave Mike to finish the job. Should be fairly simple.)

One thing's for sure, it's the 21st of May. The month is over as far as I'm concerned. Spring is over pretty much when June hits. To think we were celebrating Mike's 6/1 bday on the porch last year, after starting construction in April. Now that Mike Jr is here, we really have to get cooking.


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