Time keeps passing. All at once I have all the time in the world and yet none. I think I just need to abandon all hope of being productive and concentrate on that much anticipated end of the day shower. (Oh the things I look forward to now adays!)

Mike has been trying trying to get things done in between working, working for friends, and taking over for me at 6:30 every night. Yesterday he brought home a stump grinder from work and took care of the two stumps we had in the front yard. (One from the tree we took down a few weeks ago, and one from the tree we took down last year when we put up the porch.)

Now we just lay down some more grass seed and we should be all set, especially with all the rain we're due to have this week. Meanwhile, the rest of our grass seems to be coming up - I swear it's because I've been keeping Mike from driving on it.

Also this past weekend we used one of those deepHo coupons to purchase the ceiling fan for the upstairs office. (It's only been a couple years, after all.) And we purchased an electrical box to be installed at the bottom of our stairs. (We have need of a night light on the stairs and have no outlet!) Maybe this weekend Mike will be able to install both of those.

And the siding? Soon. Very soon, I hope.