When Scattered Means Scatter-Your-Brain

This has been the most frustrating day.

I checked the weather several million times yesterday and this morning. Scattered showers - chance of rain 30%. 30% chance is not so great of a chance. So I figured at least some point during the day I'd be in the clear for more painting. Hopefully in the morning before my friend and co-party planner Amanda came over.

Mike put together the scaffolding for me this morning before he took off. He even got out the air hose and blew off a lot of the old paint so I wouldn't have to scrape. Awe. At 10am it was practically pretty out - the sun was shining through the partly clouds. Good temp. Not too hot with a nice warm sun and gentle breeze.


Too bad a sudden burst of exhaustion took over me. I felt like I couldn't even stand. I just wanted to sleep. How was that possible? It wasn't even 2 hours ago that I had gotten up! I laid down right after he left and slept for nearly 3 hours. How frustrating!

But around 1 I figured that maybe a good lunch would help get me going - plus I needed to go over to the deepHo and buy another paint brush, as I had retired my old one the day before. (She was a good old paint brush, but had painted at least 5 rooms and the garage - it was her time.)

The DeepHo was madness. I went to the grocery store. The grocery store was even more madness. I was still pretty pooped at this point and about ready to just give up on everything and go back home to bed.

Somehow I made it home, made some lunch, and actually felt much better. The problem - it was raining. I checked the weather radar on weather.com. Ok - the green stuff was moving through. All I had to do was wait it out. So I began painting the french doors. But the rain kept raining. I checked the radar again - nothing. But it was still misting out. I painted some of the window trim under the roof of the porch and waited.

It stopped raining every now and again, but everything was soaked. I couldn't paint wet stuff. So frustrating. Just enough wetness to make painting impossible. The french doors were taking forever to dry, so I decided to just throw in the towel.

Plus, I never got the call from my co-party planner. Double bummer. And so I took a shower and in a minute I'm going to do my nails like some princess girly girl and blow dry my hair. I hate leaving things in a half done mess!