Arbor Day Foundation!!

I'm just a post machine today, huh?

Not by design - I just had to post again about trees. Why? Well, after this morning's rant, I decided to go searching online for more information about trees. Why? I like trees, ok? You got a problem with that, punk?

Anyway, that's when the Arbor Day Foundation website popped up. I had never considered them a viable tree-resource before, but now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. It's the one and only foundation for tree-lovers! (At least as far as I know.) What I did not know - they also sell trees. Not big trees, but little trees. Nevertheless, their tress are guaranteed to grow, and they even have a nifty tree finder that helps you select the right tree for your zip code, soil type, tree type, growth rate speed, sun exposure, and more.... pretty sweet, huh?

And here's the really cool part: become an Arbor Day Foundation member for one year for just $15 and receive 10 free trees! (type of your choosing) That's right - 10, 1' trees. Sure, they're not big, but they're free and guaranteed. After that, your membership gives you a discount on the purchase of other trees and shrubs - all available right on their website and varying in size up to about 3' - wow.

And get this - the member price for said trees & shrubs - like $6-8! So if I manage to kill them (and they are guaranteed, so the foundation would replace them if they died) I wouldn't be losing 10s of thousands of dollars.... or hundreds. You know, I tend to exaggerate.

So pending pay check next week, I'll join the Arbor Day Foundation and my trees will be shipped during the fall season - around Nov. I thought at first that might be too late to plant, but the foundation says trees can be planted successfully right up until the ground freezes. And I think they know what they're talking about - they're tree people.

I'm so excited! I can't wait to get a buncha little trees! Maybe if I succeed with the little trees, I can graduate up to the purchase of a big tree next spring!


Jennifer said...

I've always thought of doing this... but with 17- no wait 16 trees already on our city lot, I don't know if we have room! I want something besides the awful elm and ash, though.

Kristy said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, I love trees too and am very upset that I'll be forced to get rid of two 100+ year old ones in my yard since they are dead/hollow inside and now a hazard. At least I know what I can replace them with.

kitrainia said...

I'll let you guys know how it turns out and upload some pics of my new trees as soon as I get 'em!!

Kristy said...

Ready for this, yesterday I got an envelope in the mail from the Arbor Day Foundation. I guess the Tree-Gods read my posting too.

kitrainia said...

Woe! Freaky! Now it was meant to be - you just have to ditch those old tress and get some new ones. =)

Robert Smith said...

I’m the certified arborist for the Arbor Day Foundation in Lincoln, Nebraska. I help people plant and care for trees throughout the entire United States and beyond. We sure appreciate your support. Keep spreading the word about the benefits of planting and caring for trees.