Putting Him Back Together Again

Last Tuesday night Mike gave everything a second coat of stain.

Last Wednesday night, we set about installing it all. We had already pre-drilled, pre-fit, pre-everything everything on Sunday and had only taken it apart for staining purposes. Now was time to really put it all together.

And really that took no time at all - less than an hour I'd say. The only thing we couldn't do was to connect the balusters - Mike had left the correct size allen wrench at work.

Let me tell you I am so impressed with the railing. It's gorgeous and somehow, we managed to stain it nearly the exact same color as the hardwood floor. There's really only one word to describe it - WOW.




Kathy from NJ said...

Really nice but I guess I just don't understand the spindles. Shouldn't they attach to the top rail?

kitrainia said...

Yes - they definitely should... and will eventually. But you have to tighten them to the top of the banister with a certain allen wrench which Mike happened to leave at his work.