August = Ahhhh, Uuugh, Grrrr, Urg, Sh*t, Tired

The past few weeks have been nothing but pure unadulterated madness. And though I've said that many a time before, this is some kind of August super madness never before seen! I've been traveling for work, working early, working late, stressing out.... Meanwhile Mike's been taking guy's weekends, working mad side jobs, stressing out, going to dentist appointments, working for friends....

There have been disasters and emergencies too - just sprinkled in, you know, to keep me on my toes.

Here it is the 20th, and I've barely had time to count the minutes ticking by! Even now, I'm here working early, writing as I'm rendering, and dreaming of bad bad bad for me food. Not that it will help me get through this, another crazay day.

Back at home, everything lies in waste. The balusters haven't been attached to the stair railing. The bottom stair railing has not been started. Chad has not come over to give us an estimate on the roofing. And for once I can say that procrastination and lazyness have no part in the equation!

But last weekend being the tax free weekend - and me having several hours in between prepping for a little girls dinner party.... not little girls, little dinner party. Anyway, I had to make some sort of purchase to help out the economy. You know me, always thinking of the economy. =)

I would have liked to purchase all the roofing on tax free weekend, had I time to have planned ahead. But no dwelling on lack o' Chad for now, no time. So I purchased some wood blinds for the kitchen at Lowe's.

I was pleasantly surprised at the price - and they had my color and size in stock. I had decided, since the Lowes was in a brand new shopping plaza, I should shop around and see if any of the other stores had them for a lower price. Shockingly - no other store even had them. Not Target, Linens 'n Things, JC Penny.... at JC Penny you'd have to order them. Isn't that ridiculous? There was one lady ordering some blinds and I nearly told her to go over to Lowes. But, again, lack of time prevented it.

Now here's the really amazing thing - I went home and installed them myself and they turned out great. Normally, when I try and do anything I end up putting it together backwards or I have something upside down... it never seems to work out. But these are perfect.

That's my one story. I'm really hoping that things calm down and return to normal after this weekend.... I can't take much more of this.


Kristy said...

We all hit that wall, where time is speading by at a "warp-speed" pace. Lately, I feel like it's been like that every weekend. So much to do; but only 48 hours to do it and of course we all have to sleep.

I love Lowe's for all house type needs, although it never fails and I somehow always miss their random sale or clearence on the things I need.

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