Just A Chad Bit....

Mike visited Chad last night. Chad is our soon-to-be-roofer. A few years ago he re-roofed our garage... which, wasn't good at the time, because we had asked him to trim out our new exterior windows. Chad's an interesting dude to say the least. But he's a good roofer and a friend.

So Chad will come by the house and take some measurements to give us an estimate on time and materials. We'll probably purchase all the materials from Morse so we can get our discount and have them delivered - always a big plus on big jobs. Chad will just be roofing the really high and steep parts of the house, while Mike and I will tackle areas like the farmer's porch roof, mudroom roof, etc.

That's the good news. The bad news - we can't do it until late fall. October-ish. My jaw just dropped to the floor. Octoberish?! But even our carpenter agreed that roofing in hot weather is not a good idea. And not just because roofing in hot weather is a highly uncomfortable experience. The roofing itself would go on hot and then when the temperature drops, the roofing would shrink or expand (I forget which, I'm no expert here!) and possibly cause leaks.

Believe me, I don't want any leaks, but having to wait until Octoberish will not be fun... plus that means possible roofing mess during our annual Halloween party! Also not good.

As I recovered from the news, I said to Mike, ok then let's do some siding. More bad news. We can't just take some clapboards and slap 'em up there... our carpenter has to come over and take measurements with his fancy construction calculator to figure out how far apart to space the rows. This way, we won't come up short at the top of a window or anything like that. Plus, we have so many weird additions on the house at different levels, it would be a super pain to figure it out without a fancy calculator.

Nothing is ever easy, I suppose.

So that begs the question - what's next? Well, we have plans on Saturday, but I've already grabbed Mike for Sunday. I hope that we can perhaps start on the upstairs railing - another home inspection must-do. If you remember, my home depot card has been wiped clean and shiny - primed and ready for more 12mo no pay no int. purchases. Ironically, I'm super itchy to make a purchase that I won't have to worry about for a while.

Cross your fingers!


SmilingJudy said...

You don't need any fancy calculations to figure out how to space the rows. See the info about a "swing stick" here: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/how-to/intro/0,,214745,00.html

I put lap siding on my house and it has windows and doors at all sorts of different levels. I used a swing stick to make sure everything lined up the way I wanted it to, recalculating the spacing after each horizontal plane. (For the most pleasing look, you'll want the siding courses to line up with the bottom of sills, top of the window trim, etc.) You'll have slight variations all around the house, but not enough to notice.

Hope this helps.

kitrainia said...

See - I somehow knew it didn't have to be so difficult! Sometimes I think the guys just like to make me think things are more difficult than they are.... And if that's not a tongue twister, I don't know what is!