Fed Up Fri

This has been a lightening fast week.

So why the hell is time moving at 25% speed today of all days? Of course I'm not helping matters by checking the clock every 2.2 seconds.

I just can't wait for the weekend - and once again, oddly enough, I'm really looking forward to going to the dump. Sick, isn't it? But we have to get rid of the remainder of our garage trash before we can call that project officially completed.

Oh, and we also have to put up the hanging tools hooks I bought for Mike over the week. You know, a place to hang the shovels and the rakes and blah and blah and etc. That blah and blah and etc are always getting in the way, you know?!

Then there's that basement mess... but that might be a Sunday project. Saturday the guys will be over to frame out the porch ceiling.

And would you believe that's it? That will be the end. You probably are asking, why? Well, despite the fact that we still have money in the hopper, the siding and the roof just take priority over trimming out the porch.

What a bummer. But nothing I can do about it. Fall is fast 'a coming and there's still so much to do!