Cancel the Plot

Fishing trip is for Sat night - Sun morning. So my evil plot is canceled and I don't think I could have purchased the tile this weekend anyway. Bummer.

But stuff continues on. And unfortunately, now that Saturday's free - it will be time for some irregularly scheduled maintenance on my truck. It has needed it all summer! I have an exhaust leak, I need an oil change, one of my mirrors needs to be replaced, the new soft top needs to go on, the speaker box needs to go back in, the whole shebang could use a good scrubbing, and I have an annoying piece of metal on the front that scrapes the wheel when I turn and it makes a big loud noise like "ERUSAHDSFALSPKRPHAEEHG"

And it's very embarrassing when I'm making tight turns in crowded parking lots and soccer moms are staring me down... not good people, not good.

Meanwhile the house is in complete disarray - and, like the garage, you all know that I can only stand states of disarray for a short time before they start wearing on my nerves. Plus, time is ticking. We need to do the siding and the roof.... mmm, NOW. Not to mention the fact that the basement still looks like home depot just exploded down there.

At least Mike has been keeping the garage clean. I'm so proud! He's been putting everything back in its place and everything.

Poor Mike, he's been having such a busy time at work, plus working side jobs after work.... I feel horrible about producing a to-do list for Saturday on top of the already scheduled maintenance stuff.

I tend to be a slave driver as everyone knows.

There's just two days left in the week. I don't know. At this point I've just got to wait and see I guess.