Yard Stick

No progress. The house is 10 feet in the air, the basement is just sitting there - hardening every day. Not much else can be done, unfortunately, until the concrete has cured enough for us to tar it. Who knows how long that's supposed to be. I haven't heard from the contractors at all.

I was in the house yesterday. I'm starting to feel a little depressed. I want to go back. I miss my kitchen and cooking. I miss the awesome couch and my red red bedroom. I miss my edit system and I'm totally sick of the long drive to and from work. *sigh*

Mike was able to buy a big bundle of pressure treated wood from the tool man. He's been cutting and drilling it so it will fit atop the foundation so the house can sit on it. Pretty cool - we got a good price.

We've been doing some landscaping too. Trying to build a rock wall with the rocks from the old foundation - which is tougher than it sounds. Weeding. Cleaning up.

I'm hoping to purchase some plants as soon as I have some money. At least I can work on the right hand side of the yard while the front is still under construction.