And so it begins...

I dropped over at the house last night to see if they had started the foundation yet. At the end of last week, our house mover had repositioned one of the cribbing towers so that the footings could be poured and the foundation people could start on Monday.

And sure enough, last night there was a whole mess of wood and string at the bottom of the hole, which I suppose helps them determine the depth and level and all that good stuff. I didn't stay too long to look - and I certainly didn't want to go down and take the chance of messing up anything. It looked totally cool though. Mike and I are so excited. We can't wait to get back in.

This weekend we took down some more trees in the yard and stacked the brush and wood. Hopefully this weekend we can get a chipper to get rid of it all since burn season ended on Sunday.

Oh - and more exciting news for you fans of weird art out of normal stuff. We took our old heating oil tank, cut the top off, and cleaned it out to make a super cool burning container. We'll eventually hinge the top so it can be opened and closed easily. I'm going to paint it too and name it "Trogdor, The Burninator." (If you have no clue what that means, see www.homestarrunner.com and the Strong Bad emails.)