Pour It On

Concrete.... ah, so inspirational. I think I'll write a poem.

C is for cookie...

No wait, that's not it. Nevermind. I guess I'm not inspired after all. What else is new, right? Ok, seriously folks, the concrete has been poured into the forms. Woo-hoo!

Of course, my mail box, silt fense, and haybales were decimated by the cement truck, which came through the front yard. I hope Mike was able to stand up the mail box so at least I can get my mail. I don't think they'll be motivated enough to get out of the mail truck, walk over to the poor box, and put in the mail.

Ernie from Allcape called Mike and asked about the windows. Mike just told him to put one where every beam is - that totals up to 8. At $200 a pop, they're not cheap, but we'll thank ourselves later. Ernie bought them, they were there after work yesterday evening, and they blocked out for them in the concrete. Too sweet.